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25 Sep 2015

DNS Manager turns 3

Our experimental DNS Manager turns 3 years old later this year. We are moving it from free to premium product which will now be priced at TZS 25,000 per domain per year effective today.

If you are amongst our customer who uses DNS Manager, please open a support ticket so we can enable it for you till the expiry date of your domain, complimentary. The fee will be applied during renewal.

What is DNS?

When you register a domain name, it must point to atleast two DNS servers. This is usually provided by the company who will be hosting your domain. Many times, these two DNS servers are actually setup on one machine which creates a single point of failure.

How is our DNS Manager different?

We maintain two, separate machines, to offer DNS service. In the event of one, not being reachable, the other DNS server responds to your requests. This makes sure the DNS service is functional at all times.

Where are the DNS servers located?

The two DNS servers we maintain are geographically distributed, one being in Europe and the other in the USA.


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Badilisha Lugha: Swahili