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13 Mac 2019

Delegation of domains to eGA

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The domain extension,, was setup exclusively to be used by government agencies. In the past, this extension could be registered or renewed through any TZ accredited registrar including Extreme Web Technologies.

Two or so years ago, eGovernment Agency (eGA) was assigned with the task to oversee domain extension. Since then, eGA has been transferring government domain names to their registrar account with tzNIC.

Learn more about how you can transfer your domain to eGA by visiting this article on their website that explains further » Kusajili au Kuhamisha Anuani ya ""

Since November 2018, all new domains can only be registered via eGA but any existing domain could still be renewed from your current registrar. However, effective March 2019, only eGA will be able to register and renew domain name.

To avoid disappointment, please reach out to eGA if you have a domain name maintained with any registrar including Extreme Web Technologies to submit your request for transfer before the domain name expires.

Remember, that a dot TZ domain will still be functional and will only cease to operate 30 days after expiry. Extreme Web Technologies or any other registrar will not be able to renew it for you. You’ll need to request EPP transfer key and provide it to eGA to renew the domain name.

This requirement is only applicable to domain names. You may continue to use other services such as email, hosting, SSL certificate and others from Extreme Web Technologies.


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Change Language: English